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Asphalt Grinding

Asphalt rubble that was previously typically disposed of at landfills, can now be processed on site by a milling machine into particle sizes that allow asphalt millings to be reused in hot mix pavement or can be used on your job site in areas where the soils are sub-standard or are unstable.

A milling machine can quickly remove pavement to desired depth allowing Statewide to proof roll soil´s subgrade to ensure adequacy of compactability of subgrade before replacement of repaired area with asphalt. It´s fast, less disruptive, minimizes jackhammer noise, and provides you with a cost savings.

By utilizing Asphalt Grindings you´ll have a compacted subgrade using the waste materials from your old asphalt and you´ll save money.

Asphalt grindings can be recycled as they are easily compactable for a new immediate hard surface such as:

  • Farm land roads
  • Construction or project sites
  • Parking surfaces
  • Storage areas

Asphalt grindings easily replace a gravel surface however are not suitable as a permanent hard surface for commercial or residential use.

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